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02:21 PM mgr Cleanup #37357 (New): Dashboard login screen language dropdown
Hi all,
would it be possible instead of using this centered focused drop down for selecting the language of the da...


11:43 AM mgr Feature #27050: mgr/dashboard: Landing Page Enhancements
As discussed today I have two suggestions:
1.) The general font size of the widgets is to big from my perspective ...


05:18 AM mgr Cleanup #35693: Proposed About modal box
Combined with the Login page Option 2 this lgtm as well.
05:17 AM mgr Cleanup #35690: Proposed Masthead
I like the coloring.
05:16 AM mgr Cleanup #35689: mgr/dashboard: Proposed Login Screen
Option #2 looks awesome! Well done.
05:16 AM mgr Feature #27050: mgr/dashboard: Landing Page Enhancements
LGTM - Go ahead and we could add the little usability enhancements later on


07:59 AM Ceph Revision 7c92b1fc (ceph): Merge pull request #23764 from ceph/docs
doc: fixed typo in cephfs snapshots
Reviewed-by: Lenz Grimmer <>
Reviewed-by: Jos Collin <jcollin@r...
06:56 AM Ceph Revision d7f5c281 (ceph): doc: fixed typo in cephfs snapshots
Signed-off-by: Kai Wagner <>
06:24 AM Ceph Revision 0de7ae24 (ceph): fixed typo
Signed-off-by: Kai Wagner <>


10:26 AM mgr Feature #24996 (New): mgr/dashboard: Config options filter for adjusted configs
It would be nice to have to possibility to have a separate filter that allows to show all the values that are differ ...

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