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02:16 AM Ceph Revision a1733da2 (ceph): osd: the sub_op_scrub_map has been removed
sub_op_scrub_map replaced by do_replica_scrub_map, sync the comments.
Signed-off-by: Jing Wenjun <


05:12 PM Ceph Revision 500eac72 (ceph): rgw: the swift container acl should support field .ref
On the openstack-swift. The container acl supports .ref, which is ignored on ceph swift.
Fixes: http://tracker.ceph....


10:05 AM Ceph Revision ce882125 (ceph): rgw: fix the signature mismatch of FormPost in swift API
Signed-off-by: Jing Wenjun <>


07:15 AM rgw Bug #20220 (Resolved): mismatch Signature in swift formpost
When use the feature of swift FormPost correctly according to the doc, it will also return "FormPost: Invalid Signatu...


02:56 PM Ceph Revision 9aee3c1c (ceph): rgw: add support container and object levels of swift bulkupload
Signed-off-by: Jing Wenjun <>


02:30 PM Ceph Revision 8bd33290 (ceph): rgw: fix forward request for bulkupload to be applied in multisite
Signed-off-by: Jing Wenjun <>


09:10 AM rgw Feature #19644: Add custom user data support in bucket index
can you take a example to explain this feature detailedly? Or
is there existing some docs about this feature? Thanks!
08:02 AM rgw Bug #19645 (Resolved): bulkupload should be supported on every zone in multisite
Currently, the swift bulkupload only takes effect in meta master zone. this feature should be supported on every zone...


07:17 PM Ceph Revision 595c31f3 (ceph): rgw: add the remove-x-delete feature to cancel swift object expiration
In openstack swift, it also support the feature to cancel the object expiration,
which could be found at last point i...
06:48 PM Ceph Revision c3d84448 (ceph): rgw: fix swift cannot disable object versioning
we should be able to disable object verioning by removing its X-Versions-Location
metadata header by sending an empty...

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