Kyle Marsh




10:14 PM Ceph Revision 5cebc740 (ceph): obsync: make obsync run without cloudfiles installed
Cloudfiles probably shouldn't be a requirement for running obsync, so this
commit makes it optional.


01:08 AM Ceph Revision a85ab1ea (ceph): obsync: pull object metadata from swift store
Obsync wasn't pulling object metadata from swift stores and thus wasn't
syncing metadata when reading from a swift st...


12:07 AM Ceph Revision f54f4aa0 (ceph): obsync: add authurl to CLI
s3 connections require the hostname and swift connections require the
authurl. obsync treats these as equivalent int...


11:37 PM Ceph Revision 5a400935 (ceph): obsync: add vvprint back in
Commit ebe5fc60d20f92a0037c53c1e7bd7ae512be3da4 removed the definition of
vvprint without removint all the places tha...
11:55 AM rgw Bug #1830 (Resolved): RGW Swift Metadata Bug
I believe the rados gateway has a but in the way it's talking swift. When I ask it to list the objects in a container...


09:34 AM Ceph Revision e2a94505 (ceph): obsync: add swift support to obsync
A single "url" doesn't make sense for a swift object store the way it does
for an S3 store or local file, so this com...

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