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04:44 PM rgw Bug #51219 (In Progress): Federated user can modify policies in other tenants
Initial investigation shows that while parsing an IAM policy, if the tenant of the resource doesn't match up with the...
02:31 PM rgw Bug #51206 (Fix Under Review): Creating a role in another tenant seems to be possible


09:08 AM rgw Bug #51152 (Fix Under Review): add role information and auth type to ops log
09:08 AM rgw Bug #51152 (Resolved): add role information and auth type to ops log
Include role information (role name, role session name) and authentication type (local, ldap, keystone etc) to ops log


02:05 PM rgw Bug #51019 (Pending Backport): correct session policies permission evaluation
Session policies restrict permissions granted by Identity based policies and/ or Resource policies. This PR corrects ...
01:50 PM rgw Bug #51018 (Fix Under Review): improve JWT token validation in accordance with JSON Web Key Set
Improve and enhance the JWT validation, based on different parameters passed in as JSON Web Key Set like x5u, n, e etc.


08:49 AM rgw Bug #50721 (In Progress): make fetching of certs while validating tokens, more generic.
08:48 AM rgw Bug #50721 (Resolved): make fetching of certs while validating tokens, more generic.
rgw/sts: Make the fetching of certs using .well-known/openid-configuration url, which is openid connect compliant.


12:15 PM sepia Support #50509: Sepia Lab Access Request
VPN access works for me now and I am able to ssh to


04:39 PM sepia Support #50509: Sepia Lab Access Request
adam kraitman wrote:
> I have added your credentials you can restart the openvpn service and try to ssh
Hi Adam,

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