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03:31 PM rgw Bug #52530: segfault in rgw_log_op()
Casey Bodley wrote:
> may be the real fix here?
I had observed a segfault...
03:07 PM rgw Bug #52608: aws s3 sync does not work with sts roles, but works fine with AWS
The version that this is being tested on is 15.2.15, and the tracker is still i...


06:10 AM Ceph Revision cdb71625 (ceph): rgw/sts: add check for s->auth.identity pointer
which can be null for some calls like
AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity in
Signed-off-by: Pritha Srivastava <prsr...


11:39 AM Ceph Revision 4c4c7e3f (ceph): rgw/sts: configuration steps to add tags to a user in
Signed-off-by: Pritha Srivastava <>
11:39 AM Ceph Revision 73032e05 (ceph): rgw/sts: documentation related to tag, list tags
and untag REST APIs for a role.
Signed-off-by: Pritha Srivastava <>
11:39 AM Ceph Revision 4ad626f3 (ceph): rgw/sts: adding documentation for session tags,
all kinds of tag keys and related examples.
Signed-off-by: Pritha Srivastava <>
11:39 AM Ceph Revision 192d2081 (ceph): rgw/sts: documentation related to supporting all claims
in the JWT in the condition of the trust policy.
Signed-off-by: Pritha Srivastava <>
11:39 AM Ceph Revision b682db4f (ceph): rgw/sts: code changes to store multi-valued tags
for objects and buckets (to be used as s3:ResourceTags
in Identity and Resource policies).
Test code changes as sugg...
11:39 AM Ceph Revision 58f1bb65 (ceph): rgw/sts: code to add role tags as aws:PrincipalTags and
Signed-off-by: Pritha Srivastava <>
11:39 AM Ceph Revision bd066abd (ceph): rgw/sts: added code to tag, untag and list role tags.
The role tags can be used as iam:ResourceTags in AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity
or as aws:PrincipalTags in a session using...

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