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02:32 PM rgw Bug #64999: Slow RGW multisite sync due to "304 Not Modified" responses on primary zone
304 Not Modified means that there is no change in the object since the time it was last synced.
you mention that all...
Shilpa MJ
02:16 PM rgw Bug #64431 (In Progress): metadata sync does not replicate iam OpenIDConnectProvider metadata
Shilpa MJ


05:20 PM rgw Bug #64022 (Fix Under Review): Mulitisite ACL replication
Shilpa MJ


05:18 PM sepia Support #64753 (In Progress): Sepia Lab Access Request
1) Do you just need VPN access or will you also be running teuthology jobs?
I already have access to front.teutholog...
Shilpa MJ


05:53 PM rgw Bug #64430 (New): rgw-multisite: crash during datalog listing
not always reproducible, but happens during radosgw startup.

in thread 7f00bab996c0 thread_name:io_context_pool
Shilpa MJ


04:52 PM rgw Bug #64156: rgw/multisite: radosgw crashes during add_datalog_entry()
so far this crash has been reproducible on teuthology runs, particularly while running test_zap_init_bucket_sync_run(... Shilpa MJ


05:25 PM rgw Feature #64365 (Pending Backport): rgw-multisite: add x-rgw-replicated-at
this is the second part of the two part implementation of tracking replicated objects. add a header to replicated obj... Shilpa MJ


05:14 PM rgw Bug #64292 (New): rgw-multisite: test_bucket_acl()test fails Shilpa MJ
02:59 PM rgw Bug #64255: rgw-multisite: "Unable to load site config" error during multisite setup
thanks @cbodley. But I'm quite confused by the different outcomes from running the script and c... Shilpa MJ


01:51 AM rgw Bug #63378: rgw/multisite: Segmentation fault during full sync
crash reproduces only in 3-zone or two-zonegroup configurations Shilpa MJ

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