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09:09 PM mgr Bug #40011: ceph -s shows wrong number of pools when pool was deleted
I started investigating this last week. I was only able to reproduce it once so far.


04:40 PM ceph-volume Bug #39442: ceph-volume lvm batch wrong partitioning with multiple osd per device and db-devices
Is there an easier reproducible for this? Also, does it happen only with 'lvm batch'? I have looked at the code, but ...
04:26 PM ceph-volume Bug #37502: lvm batch potentially creates multi-pv volume groups
I started looking into this last week and already testing some changes we could propose in order to create one VG per...


06:16 PM Ceph Revision 1f32b2b3 (ceph): auth/krb: Fix Kerberos build warnings
Signed-off-by: Daniel Oliveira <>


01:55 AM Ceph Revision 67784065 (ceph): auth: Kerberos authentication
Signed-off-by: Daniel Oliveira <> (github: oliveiradan)


07:08 PM sepia Support #36769 (Resolved): Sepia Lab Access Request
1) Do you just need VPN access or will you also be running teuthology jobs?
Yes, teuthology jobs will also be needed...


08:43 PM RADOS Bug #21218: thrash-eio + bluestore (hangs with unfound objects or read_log_and_missing assert)
Pls, would you have the reproducer for this, so I could give it a try and check it out in my environment? ...
05:51 PM RADOS Bug #21303: rocksdb get a error: "Compaction error: Corruption: block checksum mismatch"
Yes, the log file shows the same error with 12.2.0 build running on. I agree with @Josh and you, it seems t...


04:59 PM RADOS Bug #21303: rocksdb get a error: "Compaction error: Corruption: block checksum mismatch"
Please, would you mind describing a bit more your environment? Also, how often does it happen? Can we repro...


08:39 PM Ceph Bug #20529: Illegal instruction in RocksDB
tchaikov commented 4 days ago
please note, upstream has merged facebook#2807, and the change on ceph side is posted ...

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