Jesse Williamson




01:54 AM rgw Backport #23223: luminous: rgw: garbage collector removes objects slowly
- backports AIO garbage collection to luminous
- includes patch for C++...


08:14 PM sepia Support #38478 (Resolved): Sepia Lab Access Request
1) Do you just need VPN access or will you also be running teuthology jobs?
I am planning on running Teuthology j...


11:09 PM RADOS Bug #38307 (Resolved): ceph-osd fails to bind to IPv6 interface for public_network

When trying to start ceph-osd configured for IPv6, interface binding fails.
Configure in ceph.conf:


12:05 AM RADOS Bug #36517: client crashes osd with empty object name
Ok, thank you Noah! Much appreciated. I'll have a look at this soon.


12:43 AM RADOS Feature #21710: add wildcard for namespaces
Hi Douglas, I started in on this and forgot to reassign the ticket! Mind if I take this one?


10:49 PM RADOS Feature #22147: Set multiple flags in a single command line
It seems fair to assume that "unset" should support this also.
Question: should settings that require --yes-i-real...


07:25 PM Ceph Feature #24128 (Rejected): ceph tool to print to console by default
The "ceph" command line tool frequently will silently fail (and succeed) and is inconsistent in this
behavior. For e...
07:22 PM RADOS Feature #24127 (New): "osd purge" should print more helpful message when daemon is up
Compilers like GCC and clang are sometimes able to make suggestions when a user makes certain
common mistakes for wh...
07:19 PM RADOS Fix #24126 (New): ceph osd purge command error message improvement
In response to the command "ceph osd purge 1 --yes-i-really-mean-it", we
2018-05-10 15:18:03.444 7f29c0ae2700...
07:15 PM Ceph Documentation #24125 (Rejected): docs: "ceph osd purge" should mention stopping daemon
The documentation for "ceph osd purge" does not contain a lot of
information about the command and its expectations...

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