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08:05 AM rgw Bug #51539: rgw/crypt s3tests with vault: Failed to retrieve the actual key, kms-keyid: my-key-1
At first blush, this looks like a permissions problem.
The teuthology log claims that it wrote '/home/ubuntu/cepht...


09:19 PM Ceph Bug #51483 (Resolved): configuration "see-also" done at runtime not compile time.
In some recent work on ceph, I goofed on adding an option, which yielded the following error at runtime:


08:19 PM rgw Bug #49747: tempest: test_create_object_with_transfer_encoding fails
Problem appears to be with tempest. It sends "transfer-encoding: chunked" twice. The tempest test is also failing w...


05:33 AM rgw Bug #49747: tempest: test_create_object_with_transfer_encoding fails
I've managed to recreate this in several ubuntu focal environments with teuthology. So far it's looking very ubuntu ...


08:41 PM rgw Bug #49747: tempest: test_create_object_with_transfer_encoding fails
So far I have failed to reproduce this problem - various banches on fedora, rhel8. Most of the teuthology reports wh...


08:39 PM Ceph Revision f5370108 (ceph): qa/tasks/ fix year2021 problem
The expiration timestamp was hard-coded as
which is now in the past. Instead, use a times...


10:28 PM rgw Backport #49746: pacific: SSE-KMS vault transit: use transit correctly.
I created a PR for this -
Currently that has kmip changes as well, I'll ma...


01:32 AM Ceph Revision 2eae0896 (ceph): rgw/kms/vault - PendingReleaseNotes pointer
The "new" transit logic requires configure changes to be
effective. Here is a pointer to the revised
documentation f...
01:32 AM Ceph Revision ef0121f6 (ceph): rgw/kms/vault - s3tests for both old and new test logic.
Test both "old" and "new" transit logic with s3tests. Does not test
migration - that will need to be done separately...
01:32 AM Ceph Revision 2aef117f (ceph): rgw/kms/vault - rework unit test logic for new transit logic.
The "new" transit logic is organized quite differently
than the old logic, so the existing unit test logic was
very b...

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