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12:37 AM rgw Bug #44671: rgw/ swift stat can hang
I have a PR for this,


08:45 PM rgw Bug #44671 (Fix Under Review): rgw/ swift stat can hang
"swift stat" can hang. This happens when doing an account stat (ie, no bucket), when the user has more than 1000 buc...


03:28 AM rgw Bug #37531: RGW Swift metadata dropped after S3 bucket versioning enabled
The problem turns out to be that on versioned objects rgw was writing the attributes to the olh object not the versio...


09:27 AM rgw Bug #40815 (New): s3cmd modify fails with ceph
s3cmd modify is supposed to provide the ability to modify user metadata on an existing s3 object.
So. I have an e...


09:13 AM mgr Bug #39252: mgr/dashboard: RGW port autodetection does not support "Beast" RGW frontend
The civetweb interface has supported multiple ports and optional host or ssl for a while now.
So, for instance,


08:07 AM rgw Bug #38071: rados civetweb fd leak
I have a fix for civetweb here,
One that's committed, I can make a PR ag...
08:05 AM rgw Bug #38071 (Resolved): rados civetweb fd leak
If SSL negotiation fails on a connection, civetweb fails to close the file descriptor. This should be fixed.


10:27 PM rgw Bug #37531: RGW Swift metadata dropped after S3 bucket versioning enabled
I verified this behavior is still present in a recent(ish) build of ceph: ceph version 14.0.0-3072-g3ee06f3


03:29 AM Ceph Revision 265a1c1d (ceph): Allow swift acls to be deleted.
The openstack "swift" command deletes acls by submitting an
acl with an empty string. The existing logic uses c++ st...


10:32 PM Ceph Revision d2bdea8e (ceph): rgw: making implicit_tenants backwards compatible.
In jewel, "rgw keystone implicit tenants" only applied to swift. As of
luminous), this option applies to s3 also.

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