Sandy Xu




09:54 AM fs Bug #19955: Too many stat ops when MDS trying to probe a large file
Later I found two more related problems that may need further discussion:
# Some tools(like fio) will set the size o...


01:14 AM fs Bug #19955: Too many stat ops when MDS trying to probe a large file
John Spray wrote:
> File size recovery should only happen when a client has failed to reconnect properly during the ...


03:29 AM fs Bug #19955 (Resolved): Too many stat ops when MDS trying to probe a large file
When MDS recovers, it may emit tons of `stat` ops to OSDs trying to probe a large file, which as a result prevents cl...


03:39 AM fs Bug #19755 (Resolved): MDS became unresponsive when truncating a very large file
We were trying to copy a very large file (7TB exactly) between two directories through Samba/CephFS, and cancelled it...


09:20 AM fs Bug #19204 (Resolved): MDS assert failed when shutting down
We encountered a failed assertion when trying to shutdown an MDS. Here is a snippet of the log:
> -14> 2017-01-22 ...


09:34 PM Ceph Revision f9637743 (ceph): rgw: add a method to purge all associate keys when removing a subuser
Fixes: #12890
When removing a subuser, make sure all of its keys, including the swift key and possible s3 keys, are ...


02:45 AM rgw Bug #14764: RGW: swift API 'swift stat' double counts objects
Probably a known issue, you may want to take a look at


11:12 AM Ceph Revision 0a4d1a41 (ceph): mon: add an independent option for max election time
add a new configure option mon_election_timeout, which is not dependent on mon_lease
Signed-off-by: Sangdi Xu <


09:30 AM Ceph Revision 42692630 (ceph): crush: fix the default type 0 name if it's not specified when decompiled
Change the type 0 name from "device" to "osd", just to make it consistent
Signed-off-by: Sangdi Xu <>
09:28 AM Ceph Revision 895bf8b8 (ceph): crushtool: set type 0 name "osd" for --build option
The crushmap built by crushtool cannot be used directly as the name of type 0 is not specified.
We may decompile the ...

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