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09:14 PM Ceph Revision 84c5d857 (ceph): rbd: support plain/json/xml output formatting
This patch renames the --format option to --image-format, for
specifying the RBD image format, and uses --format to s...
Stratos Psomadakis


10:04 PM Ceph Revision 15da4787 (ceph): rbd: Fix the showmapped cmd usage
If the rbd showmapped cmd is given any extra arguments, rbd will fail
with "assert(0)". Fix it by exiting with "usage...
Stratos Psomadakis
02:18 PM Linux kernel client Bug #1701: krbd: limits and constants are not consistent in kernel and userspace
Instead of opening a new issue, I think I can add it here.
Besides those limits on the RBD images, there's also a ...
Stratos Psomadakis
02:00 PM Ceph Bug #1703 (Resolved): rbd: showmapped cmd fails, when extra args are present
rbd showmapped cmd will fail with assert(0), when given any extra arguments.
Patch to fix it attached (exiting wit...
Stratos Psomadakis


05:27 PM Ceph Revision 4e518ed3 (ceph): rbd: Document the rbd showmapped cmd
Document the rbd showmapped cmd in rbd.usage(), and rbd's man page,
and add it to the bash completion script.
Stratos Psomadakis

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