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03:08 PM rgw Bug #53172: after user created, stating exists user, noticing "User has not been initialized or ...
Proper fix appears to be here:


02:25 PM rgw Bug #52697: segmentation faults in libradosgw
This looks like it could be memory corruption. Is this reproducible?
02:11 PM rgw Bug #52085 (In Progress): crypt: can't load client cert from /home/ubuntu/cephtest/ca/kmip-client...


12:12 PM Ceph Revision 254bf8e8 (ceph): Merge pull request #43055 from soumyakoduri/wip-skoduri-lua
rgw/lua: Install the packages only for RadosStore
Reviewed-by: Casey Bodley <>
Daniel Gryniewicz <...
12:11 PM Ceph Revision a5ffc444 (ceph): Merge pull request #43054 from soumyakoduri/wip-skoduri-dbstore-vstart
rgw: Add option to configure backend store
Reviewed-by: Daniel Gryniewicz <>
12:10 PM Ceph Revision 2bdef857 (ceph): Merge pull request #42911 from soumyakoduri/wip-skoduri-dbstore-object
rgw/dbstore object APIs
Reviewed-by: Daniel Gryniewicz <>


01:12 PM Ceph Revision 5907703a (ceph): Merge pull request #43193 from dang/wip-dang-zipper-lifecycle
RGW Zipper - clean up and clarify lifecycle of s->object, s->bucket, and friends
Reviewed-by: Casey Bodley <cbodley@...


01:43 PM Ceph Revision 0788833f (ceph): RGW Zipper - clean up setting bucket on s->object
s->object is always created wihtout a bucket, and the bucket is added
later. The proper place for this is in rgw_bui...
01:43 PM Ceph Revision ea62954d (ceph): RGW Zipper - comment setting s->object in website code
Signed-off-by: Daniel Gryniewicz <>
01:43 PM Ceph Revision 854e629c (ceph): RGW - Remove extra src_object from Copy OP
req_state has a src_object, and it's used from places that don't have
access to the Copy OP. Remove the version from...

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