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06:42 PM rgw Bug #41729 (Triaged): rgw: sync log trimming does not work on buckets associated with a tenant
I know there's been a major refactor in how bucket metadata is fetched in master, and I haven't confirmed this behavi...


05:27 PM rgw Fix #41540: Multiple issues in the RGW AWS cloud sync module
05:25 PM rgw Fix #41540 (Fix Under Review): Multiple issues in the RGW AWS cloud sync module
* The default config profile is parsed before the acls/connections blocks, preventing the default config from using c...


03:44 PM rgw Bug #41011 (New): utf8 incompatibility in metadata added by rgw cloud sync module
Hi there,
The RGW cloud sync module seems to add the source key name as metadata when storing objects at the desti...


06:01 PM rgw Bug #38214 (Resolved): unable to cancel reshard operations for buckets with tenants made it so you could successfully submit a reshard operation for a tenant's buck...


10:43 PM RADOS Bug #37968 (Resolved): maybe_remove_pg_upmaps incorrectly cancels valid pending upmaps
It appears that OSDMap::maybe_remove_pg_upmaps's sanity checks are overzealous. With some crush rules it is possible ...

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