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09:14 AM Ceph Wiki edit: CDM_02-NOV-2016 (#2)


09:05 AM Ceph Revision a1e6dcdb (ceph): osd: rewrite digest only when the digest exists on auth obj
Signed-off-by: Zhiqiang Wang <>


05:41 AM Ceph Revision 6f3f9d36 (ceph): osd: add cache hint when pushing raw clone during recovery
When head or snapdir is missing on the primary, we push raw clone to the
replicas. Set cache hint also in this case.


05:37 PM Ceph Revision 9af4d568 (ceph): test: enable changing subscribe level testing
This test doesn't pass previously because of a bug. After fixing it, we
can now enable this test.
Signed-off-by: Zhi...
05:37 PM Ceph Revision 74856683 (ceph): mon: don't send Mlog msg to client when there is no entries
Signed-off-by: Zhiqiang Wang <>
05:35 PM Ceph Revision 9ea99fab (ceph): mon: remove conflicting subscribes when handle_subscribe
For monitoring log, when changing between different levels, should
remove previous level in the subscribes. This is b...
12:29 PM Ceph Revision f302e058 (ceph): osd: avoid FORCE updating digest been overwritten by MAYBE
Should set update to FORCE after MAYBE, to avoid it been overwritten.
Signed-off-by: Zhiqiang Wang <>


02:45 PM Ceph Bug #12903: No longer able to host rbd images on cache-tier backed by EC pool
02:45 PM Ceph Bug #12903: No longer able to host rbd images on cache-tier backed by EC pool
This is because the tmap update op is proxied to the base ec tier, which doesn't support it, and ENOTSUPP will be ret...


08:43 AM Ceph Bug #12803 (Duplicate): osd: op_commit on cancelled op

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