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06:13 AM Calamari Bug #10456 (Fix Under Review): Calamari client hard codes ceph as cluster name in DiskSpaceTarget...
06:08 AM Calamari Revision 09e76742 (calamari-clients): substitute cluster-name in disk space graph
In disk space graph, cluster name was hardcoded to 'ceph'.
So when the cluster name is different the graph is not sho...


03:53 AM Calamari Revision 326d5a4f (calamari-clients): fix centos build issue
In vagrant, after executing precise-build, the tarball will be
available at git/calamari-clients*tar.gz
But centos b...


02:32 AM Calamari Revision da07c19f (calamari-clients): Restart refresh timers during cluster-switch
The timers which are responsible for refreshing
osd-viz, pools, iops and hosts will be restarted
if the cluster is ch...


09:06 AM Calamari Revision 30e62fb2 (calamari-clients): Fix hostgroup issue in osd-viz during cluster switch
In Workbench, when OSDs are sorted based on Host, and if the cluster
is switched, then host groups are not shown prop...
01:05 AM Calamari Bug #10442 (Fix Under Review): hostgroups are not shown properly in osd-viz while switching the c...


11:02 PM Calamari Bug #10442 (Resolved): hostgroups are not shown properly in osd-viz while switching the cluster
1. Navigate to 'WORKBENCH'
2. Change 'SORT BY' to Host
3. Observe the host groups for correctness
4. Swi...


06:07 AM Calamari Revision 008d01a3 (calamari-clients): Remember cluster selection across reloads
Whenever the user selects a cluster, id of the cluster
will be stored in the browser's localstorage. So when
the user...


06:17 AM Calamari Revision 8c4e1f91 (calamari-clients): disable actions for readonly users
1.'Update' button in the 'Cluster Settings' page will be
2.OSD actions 'IN', 'OUT', 'DOWN', 'SCRUB' will...


09:16 AM Calamari Revision 40fb0e62 (calamari-clients): Add cluster-id to cluster selector
Multiple ceph clusters can have same names. So in that it
will be difficult to differentiate just from the name.

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