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06:34 AM Ceph Bug #40683: selinux allow ceph_t to call sudo
We should probably define transition rules when running these commands. It should help at least for the smartctl case...


08:54 AM RADOS Bug #42511: ceph-daemon fails when selinux is enabled
What is this used/needed for? Having :z for /dev is not a great idea. Relabelling devices for use in containers in th...


09:59 PM mgr Bug #42571: restful: Query nodes_by_id for items
I have already created nautilus back-port, here:


05:37 PM mgr Bug #41992: mgr: module ls; displays detailed information of disabled modules
I believe Madhavi is talking about the difference in output between in luminous and nautilus (probably even mimic). I...


07:23 PM mgr Backport #40901 (Resolved): nautilus: Mgr metdata required to be added prometheus exporter module


02:45 PM mgr Bug #40713: Mgr metdata required to be added prometheus exporter module
Back-port PR:
02:33 PM mgr Bug #40713: Mgr metdata required to be added prometheus exporter module
We need to back-port this PR to Nautilus to make this work:


05:10 PM Ceph Revision ef191068 (ceph): selinux: Allow ceph to read udev db
We are using libudev and reading the udev db files because of that. We
need to allow ceph to access these files in th...
12:41 PM Ceph Bug #40683: selinux allow ceph_t to call sudo
Can you be more specific, here? What is getting denied? SELinux monitors the syscalls for binaries, not the binaries ...


05:07 AM Ceph Revision 20aa4ac7 (ceph): Merge pull request #28372 from pcuzner/add-mgr-metadata
mgr/prometheus: Add mgr metdata to prometheus exporter module
Reviewed-by: Jan Fajerski <>

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