Boris Ranto





11:27 AM Ceph Revision 1d4e48ba (ceph): Merge pull request #46311 from b-ranto/wip-alerts-quincy
[quincy] mgr/alerts: Add Message-Id and Date header to sent emails
Reviewed-by: Brad Hubbard <>


11:55 AM Ceph Revision f1d17b04 (ceph): Merge pull request #45295 from lbausch/tweak_mgr_alerts_mail
mgr/alerts: Add Message-Id and Date header to sent emails
Reviewed-by: Boris Ranto <>


01:46 PM Ceph Revision ff1941a8 (ceph): librados/librados_c: check for both symvers
We should check if either asm symver or attribute symver is defined and
not assume that attribute symver implies asm ...
01:46 PM Ceph Revision 5bcfd5ca (ceph): cmake: Check -flto flags
We should check if -flto-partition=none is defined when the compiler
does not support symver attribute and fail the b...
01:46 PM Ceph Revision f90e26cb (ceph): librados/librados_c: Use symver attribute if available
Signed-off-by: Boris Ranto <>
01:46 PM Ceph Revision 381507a3 (ceph): rpm: Re-enable LTO on supported systems
We can now use LTO when building ceph. The symver issue was fixed by
using the gcc __symver__ attribute. The systems ...
08:35 AM Ceph Revision e7619339 (ceph): rados: Update symver defs
The gcc compiler now supports symver attribute. We should update the
symvers to be able to support LTO.
Fixes: https...
08:35 AM Ceph Revision d79efb02 (ceph): rados: Fix function ordering
The build fails because the function definitions are out of order. This
also reuses the LIBRADOS_C_API_DEFAULT_F macr...


11:09 PM mgr Bug #43416: fails
Octopus already has the commit in it, we also need to back-port it to nautilus.


12:44 PM Ceph Revision c196191e (ceph): mgr/crash: Serialize command handling
All the implemented commands read or write the self.crashes structure.
We need to serialize them to avoid the threads...

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