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09:38 AM mgr Bug #42958 (Fix Under Review): mgr/ set_config with an empty value doesn't remove the...
09:22 AM mgr Bug #42958 (Resolved): mgr/ set_config with an empty value doesn't remove the config ...
PyModuleConfig::set_config() is meant to set a configuration option if a value is provided, and remove the option if ...


04:44 AM Orchestrator Bug #37514: mgr CLI commands block one another (indefinitely if the orchestrator CLI gets stuck i...
It's not just orchestrator related CLI commands. AFAICT any CLI command from any module can block any CLI command fr...


11:27 AM Orchestrator Bug #40801 (Duplicate): ceph orchestrator cli alleges support for json-pretty, xml, xml-pretty fo...
The @_list_devices()@ and @_list_services()@ methods of the orchestrator CLI both specify @"name=format,type=CephChoi...


07:36 AM Ceph Revision 79d6034f (ceph): mgr/deepsea: gracefully handle nonexistent nodes in {service,device} ls
Signed-off-by: Tim Serong <>
07:36 AM Ceph Revision d4726877 (ceph): mgr/deepsea: rejig service cache
The previous implementation didn't work properly when there was more
than once service on a node (e.g. mgr and mon on...
07:35 AM Ceph Revision 2a853626 (ceph): mgr/orchestrator: fix some minor typos/kinks in inventory/service cache
Signed-off-by: Tim Serong <>


08:47 AM Ceph Revision 8f8784f0 (ceph): cmake: remove cython 0.29's subinterpreter check during install
Commit 3bde34af8a removed cython 0.29's subinterpreter check when
building the various python modules during `make`, ...
08:47 AM Ceph Revision 627f149a (ceph): cmake: remove cython 0.29's subinterpreter check
cython 0.29 introduced a check which prevents multiple python
subinterpreters from loading the same module:


12:10 PM Ceph Revision c32691a1 (ceph): mgr/PyModuleRegistry: log error if we can't find any modules to load
Signed-off-by: Tim Serong <>
(cherry picked from commit ...

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