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04:20 PM RADOS Bug #62529 (New): PrimaryLogPG::log_op_stats uses `now` time vs op end time when calculating op l...
* With `debug_osd` 15 or higher, a log line called `log_op_stats` is output, which ends with a reported latency value...


05:20 PM sepia Support #58672 (In Progress): Sepia Lab Access Request
1) Do you just need VPN access or will you also be running teuthology jobs?
Will also be running teuthology jobs


07:00 PM rgw Bug #58453 (Pending Backport): rgw-gap-list has insufficient error checking
Insufficient error checking can lead to empty intermediate file(s) that could result in incorrect output listing all ...
02:52 PM rgw Bug #58442 (Pending Backport): rgw-orphan-list tool can list all rados objects as orphans
When ran on a node with limited /tmp space, the 'sort' commands used in the 'rgw-orphan-list' tool will error out whe...


01:53 PM RADOS Feature #52609: New PG states for pending scrubs / repairs
Looks good to me! Thanks Ronen


06:48 PM RADOS Feature #52609: New PG states for pending scrubs / repairs
While I agree the format is readable, it's a bit narrow in application.
Would it be a significant undertaking to:


05:53 PM RADOS Feature #52609 (Fix Under Review): New PG states for pending scrubs / repairs
Request to add new PG states to provide feedback to the admin when a PG scrub/repair is scheduled ( via command line,...


05:37 PM Ceph-deploy Bug #19642: Error adding disk to ceph cluster: journal specified but not allowed by osd backend
Experienced this and identified the cause was using:...


03:42 PM rgw Bug #16412 (Resolved): Bucket index shards orphaned after bucket delete
Observed behavior:
* In an environment with bucket index sharding enabled, deletion of a bucket leaves behind the bu...


11:43 AM Ceph Feature #10452: ceph osd df
Sage Weil wrote:
> i can't decide whether it makes sense to make this look like the ceph osd tree output or not.. it...

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