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02:46 PM RADOS Bug #64646 (Fix Under Review): ceph osd pool rmsnap clone object leak
There are 2 ways to remove pool snaps, rados tool or mon command (ceph osd pool rmsnap).
It seems that the monitor c...


01:40 PM crimson Bug #63647: SnapTrimEvent AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free
01:37 PM crimson Bug #64009: Crimson: PGShardMapping::maybe_create_pg() assert failure
01:19 PM crimson Bug #64038 (Resolved): clone_overlap assertion failed when doing rollback image
Song Zhang wrote:
> Matan Breizman wrote:
> > Song Zhang wrote:
> > > To be more precise:
> > > 2. sequential wri...
01:16 PM crimson Bug #53001 (Resolved): unittest-btree-lba-manager times out in arm64 tests jenkins PR checks
285/289 Test #251: unittest-btree-lba-manager ................ Passed 3106.63 sec
01:15 PM crimson Bug #51758 (Can't reproduce): SeaStore Vstart fail
Please re-open if still relevant
01:14 PM crimson Bug #51460 (Can't reproduce): crimson: assert happen in crimson::os::seastore::CachedExtent::is_d...
Please re-open if still relevant
01:14 PM crimson Bug #48868 (Can't reproduce): Background recovery request fall into infinite recursive loop
Please re-open if still relevant
01:13 PM crimson Bug #48810 (Can't reproduce): "mount fsck found 1 errors" in crimson-rados-master
01:13 PM crimson Bug #47457 (Closed): segfault in BlueStore::_do_write()

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