Joseph Sawaya





03:00 PM Ceph Revision 5d734210 (ceph): mgr/rook: add unit tests to Rook module
This commit creates a unit test folder for rook, configurates tox
and creates a unit test to test the translation of ...
03:00 PM Ceph Revision 58d13a5d (ceph): mgr/rook: translate placement spec to node selector and vice versa
This commit creates methods for translating PlacementSpecs to NodeSelectors
and vice versa, this is a general method ...


02:44 PM Ceph Revision 7dfbf7c9 (ceph): qa/tasks/rook: add testing for host label add/rm
This commit adds simple tests that check if the orchestrator
can add and remove labels from nodes.
Signed-off-by: Jo...


07:49 PM Ceph Revision 571e609b (ceph): mgr/rook: host add/rm label in rook orchestrator
This commit adds the functionality for adding/removing labels
to hosts using the rook orchestrator and orch host labe...


03:27 PM Ceph Revision 4b6de111 (ceph): qa/tasks/rook: add OSD creation to Rook QA
This commit adds OSD creation to the Rook QA tasks. The Rook task will
explicitly wait for the mgr to start and the C...


03:12 PM Ceph Revision 6b0b0860 (ceph): Merge pull request #42858 from josephsawaya/wip-mgr-rook-osd-removal
mgr/rook: implementing OSD removal in the rook orchestrator


01:54 PM Ceph Revision 674b2f0a (ceph): mgr/rook: add better error handling to remove
This commit adds better error handling to the remove method
in the DefaultRemover by hiding stack traces from the use...
01:53 PM Ceph Revision ee9d3ffe (ceph): mgr/rook: use label selector to fetch pods and jobs in remover
This commit adds a label_selector to the fetching of the osd pods and osd prepare
jobs in the DefaultRemover.


01:50 PM Ceph Revision 2820b7e1 (ceph): .github/labeler: add rook label to PRs related to Rook
To make it easier to look for PRs directly related to the Rook orchestrator.
Signed-off-by: Joseph Sawaya <jsawaya@r...


08:01 PM Ceph Revision f0d7a459 (ceph): mgr/rook: remove prepare jobs based on PVC not device set
This commit fixes a bug in the OSD removal process that removes all
prepare jobs for OSDs in the same device set as t...

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