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06:27 AM Ceph Revision 0c823a54 (ceph): doc/rbd: describe Hyper-V disk addressing limitations
Hyper-V identifies passthrough VM disks by number instead of SCSI ID, although
the disk number can change across host...


01:35 PM Ceph Revision 62c91a3c (ceph): include: define AT_REMOVEDIR on Windows
The AT_REMOVEDIR flag is used by a recent change [1] but isn't
defined on Windows.
This commit will add the missing ...


01:56 PM Ceph Revision 6719fda1 (ceph): win*.sh,cmake: Fix Windows linking errors
The Windows build is hitting linking errors after
bumping the Boost version to 1.75. The issue is that Boost
is now s...
01:55 PM Ceph Revision 70e64592 (ceph): win32*.sh: ensure that the build dir exists
The Windows build scripts try to use the build dir before
actually creating it.
We'll have to move up the "mkdir" co...
01:55 PM Ceph Revision 686c6c22 (ceph): win32*.sh: bump boost version to 1.75
We're updating the Windows build scripts to use Boost 1.75, the same
as the Linux build.
We can now drop the custom ...
01:54 PM Ceph Revision cb0eb568 (ceph): win32*.sh: improve logging
We'll use a log file when building the Ceph dependencies. Also, we'll
log some details about the operation that's abo...
01:38 PM Ceph Backport #50726 (In Progress): pacific: Boost download url has changed, breaking Windows build
01:37 PM Ceph Revision 221cc6fa (ceph): win32*.sh: fix boost url
The boost download location has changed, breaking the Windows build.
Ths commit updates the boost download url.
01:37 PM Ceph Backport #50726 (Resolved): pacific: Boost download url has changed, breaking Windows build
01:36 PM Ceph Bug #50672 (Pending Backport): Boost download url has changed, breaking Windows build

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