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03:52 PM Dashboard Bug #52372: Managers hang after API calls
Ernesto Puerta wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> Just found this tracker. We've got reports from a few users facing periodic...


07:30 AM Dashboard Bug #54481 (Pending Backport): mgr/dashboard: snaptrim_wait is considered Unknown
h3. Description of problem
In the dashboard, the state snaptrim_wait is considered an unknown state causing the PG...


11:44 AM Dashboard Bug #52372 (New): Managers hang after API calls
Hi there,
We're using Nagios NRPE to monitor the capacity of our clusters with a self-built script, since deployin...


03:18 PM Dashboard Bug #52028 (Resolved): mgr/dashboard: Incorrect MTU mismatch warning
h3. Incorrect MTU mismatch warning
We're currently getting a lot of MTU mismatch warnings in 16.2.5 indicating a m...


10:48 PM Orchestrator Bug #51621: Multiple "Updating node-exporter deployment"
After some debugging I've managed to "fix" this by removing the node-exporter service, rebooting all managers, and th...
10:37 PM Orchestrator Bug #51621 (Duplicate): Multiple "Updating node-exporter deployment"
After updating to 16.2.5 the orchistrator seems to be starting a new task every minute with the following message: "U...
09:37 PM Orchestrator Bug #51620 (Resolved): Ceph orch upgrade to 16.2.5 fails
Hi there,
While upgrading my cluster from 16.2.4 to the 16.2.5 release the upgrade seems to get stuck on upgrading...


06:26 PM Dashboard Bug #48237 (Resolved): Unable to disable SSO
Today I updated from 14.2.13 to v15.2.5 and migrated to a containerised installation. Before upgrading I had SSO enab...


07:10 AM Dashboard Bug #48211 (Can't reproduce): SAML - 415 Unsupported Media Type
Hi there,
Since I upgraded to Ceph 14.2.11 (And its still broken in 14.2.13), i've been unable to login to the das...

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