Warren Wang




01:50 PM Ceph Bug #16474: OSD scrubs same PG over and over
We are also seeing this problem.
2016-09-21 13:19:00.417766 7f704106c700 0 log_channel(cluster) log [INF] : 4.c6 ...


06:42 PM rgw Bug #17256: objects in the metadata_heap pool are created, but never read or removed
Example of metadata pool constantly increasing in size and number of objects:


08:15 PM rgw Bug #14208: rgw: 500 returned on Put Bucket ACL (ECANCELLED/-125)
Yehuda Sadeh wrote:
> Could be related to metadata cache disagreement between different rgws (as we've seen in your ...


08:20 PM Ceph Bug #13238: duplicate start of ceph-osd daemon
2nd confirmation that this still occurs with Hammer and RHEL 7. pid file missing, resulting in orphaned procs from sy...


06:54 AM rgw Feature #12714: RGW : setting max number of buckets for user via ceph.conf option
I would suggest that this go one step further, and all default RGW quotas be settable in ceph.conf.It is difficult to...


11:16 PM Ceph Bug #6301: ceph-osd hung by XFS using linux 3.10
I know this isn't strictly a Ceph problem, but hopefully I can save some folks some grief. I just spent 3 weeks looki...


06:46 AM rbd Bug #10116: Ceph vm guest disk lockup when using fio
I've been seeing similar issues using Ubuntu 14.04 as a guest VM. RT throttling occurs, so I tried disabling all the ...


08:15 AM Ceph Documentation #6142: Ceph needs mor than 32k pids
Greater than 20 is a safe number. Have not yet seen this issue on a host with 24 OSDs.


09:39 AM Ceph Documentation #6142: Ceph needs mor than 32k pids
This is a critical change for denser hardware and more threads allocated per OSD. Can we get a message into ceph-depl...


02:42 PM Ceph-deploy Feature #8790: configurable fsid for ceph-deploy
ceph-deploy new overwrites the config file with a new fsid, and creates a mon key associated with it. If you change t...

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