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04:14 AM Ceph Bug #8439: ceph-osd crashing often
Having some sporadic osd crashes with pretty much the same stack traces with 0.80.7.
2015-06-21 08:43:52.362567 7f...
Sheldon Mustard


02:00 PM Ceph Bug #10125 (Resolved): radosgw is being started as root not apache with systemd
On RHEL 7 when radosgw is started with systemd it runs as root not apache which causes problems with the s3gw.fcgi is... Sheldon Mustard


09:00 AM Ceph Bug #9668 (Rejected): osd killed by ABRT from FAILED assert
[Mon Oct 6 15:09:03 2014] init: ceph-osd (ceph/46) main process (3058) killed by ABRT signal
Sheldon Mustard


08:52 AM Ceph Bug #9570: osd crash in FileJournal::WriteFinisher::entry() aio
linux kernel is 3.12.7 and libaio is 0.3.109-2ubuntu1 Sheldon Mustard


03:55 PM Ceph Bug #9570 (Rejected): osd crash in FileJournal::WriteFinisher::entry() aio
h3. Workaround
Try with a kernel newer than 3.13 - as new as the environment allows.
h3. Collect more informati...
Sheldon Mustard
08:43 AM Ceph Fix #9566 (Need More Info): osd: prioritize recovery of OSDs with most work to do

Assume 72 hours for host replacement/reprovisioning SLA. When host goes down (hardware failure), we expect complete...
Sheldon Mustard


09:22 AM Ceph Feature #9097 (New): request for tools/commands to see hits/misses on cache pools
request for tools/commands to see hits/misses on cache pools Sheldon Mustard


02:03 PM Ceph-deploy Feature #8790 (Resolved): configurable fsid for ceph-deploy
I'd like the ability to specify the fsid for a cluster in the ceph-deploy script when running "ceph-deploy new monhos... Sheldon Mustard


02:54 PM Ceph Bug #8174 (Resolved): rados put of a long object name crashes the OSD process

rados -p testpool put
Sheldon Mustard


11:17 AM rbd Bug #7790: Kernel panic when creating ZFS pools on CEPH RBD devices
updated source to support. Sheldon Mustard

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