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12:43 PM Ceph Revision 50b8c8f0 (ceph): fs/ceph_mds: set ceph_mds cpu affinity
fs/ceph_mds: set ceph_mds cpu affinity according to mds_numa_node config option
Signed-off-by: qilianghong <qiliangh...


09:27 AM mgr Bug #42807 (Need More Info): ceph unittest failed
on the aarch64 centos 7,unittest run-tox-mgr-dashboard failed
follow is the detail message:
The following tests F...


07:38 AM rgw Bug #42788 (Resolved): unittest_rgw_dmclock_scheduler Failed
on aarch64 centos 7,unittest_rgw_dmclock_scheduler test failed
detail message:
171 - unittest_rgw_dmclock_sche...


02:31 AM rgw Feature #42272 (Fix Under Review): rgw set cpu affinity at startup
for the multi-core platform like arm,rgw can set cpu affinity will improve performance


03:39 AM Ceph Bug #42059: get_cgroup_memory_limit magic value is error when os page_size is 64k
Greg Farnum wrote:
> Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but what do the page size and the cgroup memory limit have to do wi...


09:05 AM Ceph Bug #42059 (Resolved): get_cgroup_memory_limit magic value is error when os page_size is 64k
in the utils.c file,
when os pagesize is 65536,default value of cgroup.memory.limit_in_bytes is 9223372036854710272 ...
02:09 AM Ceph Bug #42054 (Resolved): osd child thread not inherit main thread affinity attribute
in osd process,main thread set cpu affinity ,but the child threads not inherit the affinity.
so osd`s threads not ru...


08:59 AM Ceph Bug #42023 (Resolved): not support aarch64
because of hard code in script file , script create epel repo not support aarch64
below is part of...


06:40 AM Ceph Bug #41134 (Rejected): ceph-osd not release memory to os
ceph-osd memory was growing all the time,and not release to os.
OS:centos 7.6 linux 4.14.0-115.8.1.el7a.aarch64

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