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10:00 AM Ceph-deploy Bug #44365 (New): ceph-deploy: mon create-initial fail on EulerOS
[root@node1 /etc/ceph]# ceph-deploy mon create-initial
[ceph_deploy.conf][DEBUG ] found configuration file at: /root...


08:38 AM ceph-ansible Feature #43434 (New): ceph-osd: support adding different osd devices for different hosts
osd.yml.sample line 36:...
03:38 AM ceph-ansible Bug #43430 (New): ceph-osd: ceph status error in task 'wait for all osd to be up'
I got some ceph-osd error as follow:
host: test1 task: TASK: ceph-osd : wait for all ...


03:59 AM RADOS Bug #42689 (Duplicate): nautilus mon/mgr: ceph status:pool number display is not right
When I create a pool, and then I remove it. The pool number display is not right in ceph status dumpinfo.


05:59 AM RADOS Feature #42593 (New): set ms_bind_before_connect option true by default
Option ms_bind_before_connect exists before nautilus. It is used to bind message ip to target osd.
It's useful for d...
03:03 AM RADOS Bug #42592 (Duplicate): ceph-mon/mgr PGstat Segmentation Fault
Ceph version: nautilus 14.2.4
3 nodes cluster is used for cephfs file system storage.
when I run the scripts file a...


06:43 AM RADOS Bug #42411 (Resolved): nautilus:osd: network numa affinity not supporting subnet port


03:50 AM bluestore Bug #42293 (New): bluestore/rocksdb: wrong Fast CRC32 supported log printing on AArch64 platform
_root@node3:~# lscpu |grep Architecture
Architecture: aarch64
root@node3:~# ceph -v
ceph version 14.2.2 (...


08:08 AM Ceph-deploy Bug #41226: Ceph-deploy Error: "Unsupported Platform: Platform is not supported: EulerOS xx"
I committed a patch and it's been merged to master line.


12:19 PM Ceph-deploy Bug #41226 (New): Ceph-deploy Error: "Unsupported Platform: Platform is not supported: EulerOS xx"
My server has installed Huawei EulerOS(v2.0sp8-arm64 Kunpeng920) and it's a client server in my ceph cluster. ur...

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