Brian Andrus





04:35 PM RADOS Bug #41943 (Closed): ceph-mgr fails to report OSD status correctly
After an inexplicable cluster event that resulted in around 10% of our OSDs falsely reported down (and shortly after ...


10:26 PM RADOS Bug #21388: inconsistent pg but repair does nothing reporting head data_digest != data_digest fro...
Ryan Anstey wrote:
> I'm working on fixing all my inconsistent pgs but I'm having issues with rados get... hopefully...


07:15 PM rbd Feature #19123 (New): rbd/rados drivers in PyPI repo
We have a need to install modules wholly contained within python virtualenv. As of now, we're extracting compiled dri...


10:13 PM Ceph Feature #18851 (New): Ability to add comments in certain views of Ceph daemons or status
It would be nice to maintain a record of why an OSD is down, or why a flag has been set within the Ceph Cluster so th...


06:47 PM Ceph Bug #18762 (Closed): OSDs stuck using previous version Upstart script until all have been restarted
After a Hammer -> Jewel upgrade, OSD daemons will not start. The upstart logs show:
@/proc/self/fd/9: 8: /proc/sel...


11:37 PM rbd Bug #18436: Qemu crash triggered by network issues
Jason Dillaman wrote:
> @Brian: any chance you had your nodes configured to capture core dumps? That would make so...
12:14 AM rbd Bug #18436 (Resolved): Qemu crash triggered by network issues
Noticed in the form of I/O errors and disk corruption at the operating system level. Further investigation uncovered ...


08:54 PM Ceph Documentation #17701 (Resolved): osd_max_backfills default has changed, documentation should refl...
Jewel default is 1 for osd_max_backfills:


08:05 PM Ceph Feature #16462 (New): Include more detail in perf dump
More detailed statistic (over avgcount) are desired, Percentage of distribution a la fio would be on the wish list.
03:30 PM Ceph-deploy Bug #16451: Using ceph-deploy with --zap-disk and --dmcrypt fails
Sounds fair, I'll see what I can do to reproduce without ceph-deploy, though our current project has now moved past t...

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