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06:15 AM rgw Bug #42786 (Triaged): User use doscli can not get、info or put objects in other buckets within ":"...
Problem recurrence steps
[Test Details]
1. Create two users A and B
2. Set bucket policy of user A and grant fu...


12:53 PM rgw Bug #42616 (Resolved): rgw: Incorrectly calling ceph::buffer::list::decode_base64 in bucket policy
11:58 AM rgw Bug #42614 (Resolved): rgw: The rgw_bucket overload <operator, need to consider bucket_id
There are the following situations:
1. Create a bucket
2. Upload object
3. Delete the bucket
4. Create a bucket f...


09:15 AM rgw Bug #42521 (New): When bucket strategy condition set key aws:SecureTransport value false,the RGW ...
In three nodes ceph cluster, We make bucket strategy Resources ,create authorizer and set key aws:SecureTransport v...
02:16 AM RADOS Bug #42519 (New): During deployment of the ceph,when the main node starts slower than the other n...
During deployment of the ceph, the main MON node starts slowly, and the other two nodes start first and complete the ...


02:17 AM RADOS Bug #42503 (Closed): There are a lot of OSD downturns on this node. After PG is redistributed, a ...
The phenomenon is a three node ceph environment with 2 + 1 redundancy configuration. Because of our own OSD cache fun...

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