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Ceph01/05/2012AnonymousDesignFeature #1879: osd: track list of in-progress requests, log slow onesSame issue as 1823, which has been updated with these details0.00
Ceph04/26/2013Dan MickDevelopmentCleanup #4828: dan: don't respond to e-mail via your phone in the bathroom0.10
Ceph12/01/2010Sage WeilDevelopmentBug #621: error building unstable branch, error: no matching function for call to 'min(uint64_t&, off_t)'0.10
Ceph11/30/2010Sage WeilDevelopmentBug #612: OSD: Crash during auto scrub0.10
Ceph02/16/2013Loic DacharyDevelopmentBug #4157: operator>=(bufferlist& l, bufferlist& r) throws on a >= abswitch to a minimal change as suggested by Sage Weil0.20
Ceph02/13/2011Greg FarnumDevelopmentBug #803: mds assert failed replaying journal after respawn0.25
Ceph01/20/2011Wido den HollanderDevelopmentBug #727: sysfs: cannot create duplicate filename '/devices/rbd/0'0.25
Ceph11/30/2010Sage WeilDevelopmentBug #613: OSD crash: FAILED assert(recovery_oids.count(soid) == 0)0.25
Linux kernel client11/07/2010Sage WeilDevelopmentBug #554: clustered mds: max_size not updated 0.25
Ceph04/16/2010Greg FarnumDevelopmentBug #40: remove references to [group] and [mount] conf sections from wiki, sample .conf files0.25
Ceph03/12/2014Danny Al-GaafDevelopmentBug #7695: ceph: ./admin/build-doc check for required tools fails for non debian envs0.50
Ceph03/09/2014Danny Al-GaafDevelopmentBug #7602: 'ceph --admin-daemon *.asok config show' doesn't include debug_* (subsys logging levels)0.50
Ceph02/06/2014Florian HaasTestingBug #7350: osd: scrub does not detect recently touched and then renamed backend files0.50
Ceph06/25/2013Loic DacharyDevelopmentBug #5312: Skip EXT4StoreTest._detect_fs test if DISK or MOUNTPOINT environment variables not setpropose patch0.50
Ceph06/11/2013Loic DacharyDevelopmentSubtask #5213: unit tests for src/osd/PGLog.{cc,h}discuss rewind_divergent_log border case0.50
Ceph05/14/2013Loic DacharyDevelopmentDocumentation #5058: docs/master/dev/osd_internals updateswrite documentation0.50
Ceph03/25/2013Loic DacharyDevelopmentTasks #4542: fix append to uninitialized buffer in FlatIndex::created and unit tests for src/os/FlatIndex.ccread the code and initiate the test file0.50
Ceph03/15/2013Wido den HollanderTestingBug #3816: osd/ 3318: FAILED assert(osd_lock.is_locked()) 0.50
Ceph02/18/2013Loic DacharyDevelopmentBug #4170: buffer::ptr::cmp reports a == abproposed patch + refix to be lexicographicaly correct0.50
Ceph02/15/2013Loic DacharyDevelopmentBug #4157: operator>=(bufferlist& l, bufferlist& r) throws on a >= abdiagnostic + test + fix + ticket0.50
Ceph03/28/2012Wido den HollanderTestingBug #2219: OSD's commit suicide with 0.440.50
Ceph11/08/2011Wido den HollanderTestingBug #1694: monitor crash: FAILED assert(get_max_osd() >= crush.get_max_devices())0.50
Ceph08/08/2011Greg FarnumTestingBug #1297: write a manypools teuthology task0.50
Ceph08/08/2011Greg FarnumDevelopmentBug #1365: pgmon: cannot guarantee new PGs have correct OSDMap creation epochs0.50
Ceph08/04/2011Wido den HollanderTestingBug #1356: OSD crashes during recovery with OSDMap::decode(ceph::buffer::list&)0.50
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