From 03/16/2012 to 04/14/2012


06:38 PM Feature #2297 (New): ObjectCacher: mark buffers mergeable for ksm
This is done with a simple madvise call, but we should test that it works with ksm and verify that all the buffers ar... Josh Durgin
05:51 PM Feature #2294 (New): librbd: optionally cache entire objects, instead of only requesting the part...
This may save many round trips for small read sizes (common to vms). Josh Durgin
05:46 PM Feature #2292 (New): ObjectCacher: support sparse objects
The ObjectCacher doesn't store which objects or parts of objects don't exist. This info could improve read performance. Josh Durgin
09:20 AM Feature #2279 (Resolved): rbd: trivial layering design doc
- how parent images are marked read-only
- how parent/child relationship is represented
- possibly how this allow...
Sage Weil


02:46 PM Feature #2256 (Resolved): rbd: parallelize deletions
There are a few places where we delete things one at a time: resizing to a smaller size, deleting all snapshots, and ... Josh Durgin


06:35 PM Feature #2232: qemu: resize guest disk when rbd image is resized
I tested this on Friday, and qemu rereads the size (at least when using virtio) when the guest requests it (i.e. echo... Josh Durgin
04:21 PM Feature #2232 (New): qemu: resize guest disk when rbd image is resized
According to Christoph, this is probably just a matter of calling bdrv_truncate() with the new size. If that doesn't... Sage Weil
04:19 PM Feature #2231 (Resolved): librbd: expose header change (resize?) via api
we need a callback or something so that users (qemu) can be informed when the header changes. this will let them, sa... Sage Weil

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