From 05/27/2012 to 06/25/2012


05:09 PM Bug #2569: msgr: connect_rank crash
All three mon nodes and a client node on the second aging cluster died over the weekend (kernel and all). Looks like ... Mark Nelson
10:25 AM Bug #2569: msgr: connect_rank crash
Saw the following while debugging my aging test scripts. Seems to have happened when the mon was started. No core d... Mark Nelson


11:31 AM Bug #1985: msgr: creating new Pipe for pre-existing connection leaks Pipe if they don't replace
I've still got this sitting around in my workspace. Since we seem to have pushed back a messenger re-do, perhaps we s... Greg Farnum


11:43 AM Bug #2569 (Need More Info): msgr: connect_rank crash
I'm attempting to reproduce this, but what's available right now is just the teuthology log — it didn't pull off any ... Greg Farnum
09:57 AM Bug #2569 (Resolved): msgr: connect_rank crash
... Sage Weil


03:57 PM Cleanup #2150 (Resolved): repair the Simple/Messenger interface
Sage Weil


10:05 AM Cleanup #2150: repair the Simple/Messenger interface
I scheduled another test run but I don't anticipate any problems — this should be reviewed for merge! Greg Farnum

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