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h1. Guides



h3. Getting Started

[[Intro to Ceph architecture]]
[[Quick Installation]]
[[Operating System Compatibility]]

[[10 Commands Every Ceph Administrator Should Know]]
[[5 Ways to Contribute to Calamari]]
[[6 Important Calamari API Methods for Developers]]
[[7 Best Practices to Maximize Your Ceph Cluster's Performance]]

h3. General Guides

[[Ceph Vagrant Setup]]
[[Custom RGW Bucket to RADOS Pool mapping]]
[[Clustering a few NAS into a Ceph cluster]]

[[5 minute guide - Deploying a Ceph Cluster]]
[[Deploying Ceph with Chef]]
[[Deploying Ceph with Juju]]
[[Deploying Ceph with Puppet]]

h3. Tuning

[[Tuning for All Flash Deployments]]

h3. Procedures

[[Benchmark Ceph Cluster Performance]]
[[Create a Scalable and Resilient Object Gateway with Ceph and VirtualBox]]
[[Create Versionable and Fault-Tolerant Storage Devices with Ceph and VirtualBox]]
[[Get Started with the Calamari REST API and PHP]]

h3. Hardware Compatability

h3. Technical Reports

[[Ceph and dm-cache for Database Workloads]]