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Josh Durgin, 05/26/2018 02:21 AM

Code Walkthroughs

Every month the Ceph Developer Community meets to discuss one aspect of Ceph code, to spread knowledge of how it works and why it works that way.

This monthly meeting will occur on the last Tuesday of every month via our BlueJeans teleconferencing system. Each month we alternate meeting times to ensure that all time zones have the opportunity to participate.


Ceph Community

To join use the following details:

To join the meeting:

Just want to dial in on your phone?
1.) Dial one of the following numbers: 408-915-6466 (US)
See all numbers:

2.) Enter Meeting ID: 754588605
3.) Press #

2018-05-29 10:00am EDT: BlueStore
7:00pm EDT: TBD

Future topics

  • PG Log
  • Recovery
  • Backfill
  • Scrub
  • Peering