Ceph Technical Committee


The Ceph Technical Committee (CTC) is the technical meritocracy that provides the leadership and decision making capabilities to the Open Source project. The members of this group help to enforce Open Source ideals and maintain the highest levels of code quality possible in order to ensure the long-term viability of Ceph as an Open Source project.

CTC Chair

The creator of Ceph, Sage Weil is best equipped to know what is in the best technical interests of the project and how best to accomplish those goals. As such he will remain as the driving force, and ultimate decision-making entity, behind all Ceph development. In the unlikely event that the CTC Chair is unable to fulfill his duties he can nominate a successor to be ratified by a simple majority of the CTC leadership. The CTC chair is also a de facto voting member of the Ceph Board.

CTC Leadership

There are a number of significantly complex sub-components in the Ceph project (eg RGW, RBD, RADOS, ceph-deploy, etc). Each of these components will have a technical lead to keep development focused and maintain coding standards as well as acting as a mentor for those wishing to contribute. These technical leads are to be named by, and serve at the behest of, the CTC Chair. Should a technical lead continuously underperform they may be removed either by the CTC Chair or a vote of no confidence by the Ceph Board. In the unlikely event that the CTC Chair is unable to fulfill their duties, and is unable to name a successor, the CTC Leadership will nominate a new CTC Chair to be confirmed by a simple majority of the Ceph Board.

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All Ceph development decisions will take place in public view of the community. Major design work will be proposed utilizing the community blueprint procedure established in the Ceph Wiki. Features, bugs, and all other development discussions will take place via the mailing lists, IRC (#ceph-devel), or the wiki.


Any procedural changes or additions to this CTC charter doc can be made by a simple majority vote of the CTC itself without the need for additional input from other governing bodies, assuming changes do not impact or impede the Ceph Board or other Ceph Committees. Any changes that affect the election, leadership, or greater Ceph community are subject to Advisory Board approval.