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Greg Farnum, 06/13/2015 04:08 AM

CephFS Starter Tasks

There are a lot of feature tickets in the CephFS backlog which the team hasn't prioritized enough to get done, but could provide value to users and are feasible for implementation by new developers. In this session I/we will go through some of them and discuss likely designs and points of interest.

This is mandatory.  List of the owners for this blueprint, along with affilition (if appropriate).  Chances are good that this list should include your name!
Greg Farnum (Red Hat)

Interested Parties
If you are interested in contributing to this blueprint, or want to be a "speaker" during the Summit session, list your name here.
Name (Affiliation)
Name (Affiliation)

Current Status
There are tickets, and the team knows how to begin implementing them.

List of tickets pending.