CephFS Code Walkthroughs

The CephFS Code Walkthrough meetings will be used to establish a durable knowledge base for CephFS developers.

This weekly meeting will occur every Monday at 14:00 UTC / 10 AM EDT at:

Developers may pick a topic from the below list or create their own.

Scheduled Topics

2021-07-05: Venky Shankar - MDS Locker, Part 1

Open Topics

  • High-level Overview of the MDS (overall design, function and flow)
  • Capability Revoke
  • Capability Grant
  • cephfs-data-scan
  • MDS Scrub
  • MDS path traversal
  • Client path traversal
  • MDS Balancer (!Migration)
  • MDS Migrator
  • MDS Locker (break up as necessary, very large topic)
  • MDS MDCache rejoin
  • MDS MDCache resolve
  • MDS CDir (directory fragment)
  • MDS CDir Fragment/Merge
  • MDS Subtree management
  • MDS OpenFileTable
  • MDS <-> MDS messages
  • Client auth MDS picking for requests
  • MDS Journal on-disk format (cephfs-journal-tool examples)
  • MDS on-disk metadata format (CInode, CDir, CDentry)
  • rstats
  • MDS session map (reset too as part of disaster recovery)
  • MDSMap/FSMap
  • MDS journal trimming
  • MDS Stray directory / hard link reintegration
  • MDS stats reporting (MDSPinger/MetricAggregator/MetricsHandler)
  • MDS Context (within MDS and Ceph in-general)
  • osdc/Journaler
  • osdc/Filer + osdc/ObjectCacher
  • Snapshots

Past Topics

2021-04-19: Venky Shankar - CephFS Mirroring
2021-04-26: Venky Shankar - cephfs-mirror daemon part 2:
2021-05-03: Patrick Donnelly - MDSMonitor