CephFS - Security & multiple instances in a single RADOS Cluster


Right now, it's only possible to have one filesystem in a CephFS cluster. Some users have expressed interest in multiple filesystems across a cluster. We need to gather requirements in order to choose one of two (or more?) ways we could do this in the future.
This ties in with more general security requirements, which we also need to gather requirements on.


  • Gregory Farnum (Inktank/Red Hat)
  • Sage Weil (Inktank/Red Hat)
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Interested Parties

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Current Status

There are two general options we see as available in the future:
1) Allow multiple MDSMaps within a cluster, each supporting a different filesystem running on different MDS daemons.
2) Put "syntactic sugar" and some new security models around the existing options to mount subtrees from a client.

Detailed Description

There are tradeoffs to both of these approaches in terms of code complexity, security models, and user features.

Work items