CDM 03-AUG-2022

Add your topic under one of the following categories:

Usability: Enhancing the Ceph user experience

- Accessing object content in lua on the RGW (won't be able to present today)

- Accessibility improvements in the Dashboard

Quality: Improving Ceph's testing / release processes

- Scripted Fragment Merging in Teuthology

Performance: Boosting Ceph's speed and memory usage

- Change perfcounter priorities
- (Lack of?) perfcounter stability guarantees (name changes, semantic changes, etc) - came up in
  • Do we / should we guarantee perf counter stability?
  • Designate some perf counters as "stable"?
  • Reach out to the user mailing list
  • Lack of documentation
  • Ernesto: add a tag
  • Laura will send email out to user list (will check with Radek, Ilya, etc. before sending).

- A quick demo on ceph-exporter work , --> missed this, will do in next CDM

Ecosystem: Building involvement with the Ceph community

- Grace Hopper Open Source Day: identifying/creating "low-hanging-fruit" issues