CDM 01-FEB-2023

- [Ilya, Chris] test failures caused by health warnings (
Laura's analysis:
Check has been completely absent from cephadm task
Sentiment that we don't need to fail tests from these badness warnings
Paths: whitelist these warnings, OR drop them altogether and stop caring about them
[Greg]: Lots of tests depend on these checks; since we still have a lot of tests that don't use cephadm, we have enough coverage things haven't broken, but it needs to be maintained as we move to cephadm
Conclusion: up to cephadm team to get tests passing (rados should still be checked, but it's mostly symlinked to orch)

- [Sam] Should we address primary affinity with pg mappings?
Conclusion: More complicated; not necessarily worth pursuing

- [Gal] updates on s3select
Interest in pushing queries all the way down to OSDs
[Gal]: Scheduling of OSDs? -- [Casey]: As long as there are reads, multiple requests can be run. Would need to be implemented with cls.

- [Laura, Aishwarya] updates on logical large scale teuthology suite

- [Ali, Casey, Ilya] "perf dump" JSON output: set in stone or can be tweaked with a release note in a major release? (
New command: `counters`
  • `counters dump`
  • `counters schema`
  • `counters labels`

Old command will stay, but will slowly phase out

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