-1H - Inline data support

*** lx0 is now known as lxo    13:00
pioto    thanks!    13:01
paravoid    thanks guys    13:01
Ryan_Lane    indeed. thanks!    13:01
paravoid    and thanks to whoever keeps those very detailed notes    13:01
saras    paravoid: need work in redos    13:02
saras    saras: before they can support use case at least that is my take away    13:04
paravoid    that's basically the namespace discussion    13:04
saras    yes    13:04
paravoid    which unfortunately ran on the other track at the same time :)    13:04
saras    watch it on youtube later    13:04
pioto    paravoid: he says "you're welcome"    13:10
pioto    (the notes guy)    13:10
saras    i am so lost    13:16
saras    13:16
gregaf    this one is all about the code internals; I don't know the kernel client this well either ;)    13:24
scuttlemonkey    I know this one went way technical...any questions now that we're almost done?    13:30