-1F - Enforced bucket-level quotas in RGW

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scuttlemonkey    wido/gregaf: one of you guys want to take over sage's notetaking duties for this session?    11:16
wido    I have to go afk in a moment    11:16
scuttlemonkey    k    11:17
liwang    hi    11:17
wido    sorry    11:17
scuttlemonkey    li!    11:17
paravoid    wido: don't get me wrong on the varnish-specific stuff    11:17
scuttlemonkey    so great you could make it    11:17
paravoid    wido: I love Varnish and we heavily use it    11:17
wido    paravoid: No problem :)    11:17
paravoid    wido: I just don't think the two layers should be intermixed    11:17
liwang    yes    11:17
wido    No, they shouldn't indeed. I just wanted to point out the caching issues    11:17
liwang    does the invitation sent    11:18
wido    I want to have a "hook" to tell the cache to purge object X    11:18
scuttlemonkey    liwang: in approximately 42 minutes we'll have a break and I'll make sure you get added to the speakers    11:18
wido    And don't do the caching in RGW, since Varnish is much better in HTTP caching    11:18
paravoid    sure, that's not a bad idea    11:18
paravoid    you could invalidate with VCL too    11:18
paravoid    catch PUT/POST and call out to purge (what was previously set obj.ttl=0s)    11:19
liwang    i mean for the bucket-level quota session    11:19
paravoid    thinking Swift here, not sure about S3    11:19
wido    paravoid: True, but if you have multiple Varnish caches, you still get cache inconsistency    11:19
scuttlemonkey    liwang: you want to join as a speaker? Or just as an observer?    11:19
wido    It will only purge locally    11:19
paravoid    indeed    11:20
scuttlemonkey    youtube stream is at:    11:20
wido    I'm thinking about having 10 Varnish caches    11:20
liwang    I registered as interested party for this session    11:20
paravoid    we have layered varnishes with consistent hashing among them    11:20
scuttlemonkey    ahhh!    11:20
paravoid    if you don't do that, then you cache the same URLs multiple times    11:20
wido    paravoid: True, you can do very cool stuff with Varnish that way    11:20
paravoid    it's better to shard your cache    11:20
wido    So you have multiple layers of Varnish servers?    11:21
scuttlemonkey    liwang: url sent via private message in irc    11:21
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paravoid    damn    11:27
paravoid    what did I miss?    11:27
paravoid    21:21 < wido> So you have multiple layers of Varnish servers?    11:27
paravoid    wido: yes    11:27
Guest4609    yes    11:27
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wido    paravoid: Ah, ok. I just tried to avoid that    11:28
wido    So you have them all as each others backend    11:28
wido    Would love to see that VCL :)    11:28
paravoid    not a VCL    11:28
wido    Inline C?    11:28
paravoid    it's a custom director, for consistent hashing    11:28
wido    Ah, that's cool    11:28
paravoid;a=commit;h=885b7d65fb7d93d0b3caa3fbf59a90fc2fffbaff    11:30
paravoid    anyway, this is getting offtopic    11:31
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sergey    I think Google App Engine can do a "503 Over Quota"    11:36
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wido    paravoid: Aha! Indeed offtopic, but I met one of the Wikimedia people at a VUG in Amsterdam. Got inspired :)    11:39
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paravoid    that was Mark, the commiter of the above    11:39
mikedawson    sagewk: what is considered a large size Teuthology ceph cluster? What is a long-running test?    11:40
sagewk    mikedawson: other channel :)    11:40
scuttlemonkey    ^^ (#ceph-summit2)    11:41
mikedawson    what is considered a large size Teuthology ceph cluster? What is a long-running test?    11:41
mikedawson    sorry    11:41
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scuttlemonkey    new Track 1 video is live on the event page and can also be accessed here:    12:03