-1B - Ceph Management API

wido    Regarding the I/O throttling with libvirt:    08:30
loicd    08:30
rturk    thx, loic    08:30
loicd    :-)    08:30
rturk    blueprint is here:    08:30
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sagewk    if anybody wants to participate in teh discussion/hangout, raise your hand :)    08:34
loicd    could you please link to the wip git branch ?    08:35
sagewk    hmm let me find it    08:35
sagewk    i think the wip might be in dan's git tree, not in the main ceph.git    08:36
loicd    sagewk: ok :-)    08:36
loicd    Christopher Liljenstolpe are you around ?    08:36
fghaas    I'll just say here that rewriting the CLI in Python is ultra-w00t. specifically when you actually use things like OptionParser and docstrings and whatnot.    08:36
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loicd    fghaas: +1    08:37
joshd    fghaas: yeah, docs and option parsing become much nicer and bash-completable even    08:37
fghaas    joshd: yes, re bash completion, steal as much as you can from hg and the openstack CLIs    08:37
saras    python is good to hear    08:38
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sagewk    the bash completion will be automagic too, based on the set of supported commands the monitor provides    08:38
sagewk    eventually with things like pool name completions and so forth    08:39
nwat    Does management API also include stuff like per-OSD HTTP end points for grabbing things like perf counters, stats, logs, etc…?    08:40
sagewk    nwat: right now that comes out of the 'admin socket' (/var/run/ceph/ceph-osd.0.asok unix domain socket)    08:41
sagewk    i think the new mgmt gateways will eventually be able to query the same command set, but via the network...    08:41
nwat    sagewk: right. i meant, will admin socket data eventually be exposed through http    08:41
nwat    sagewk: i see cool    08:41
sagewk    we're not too keen on embedding an httpd in each daemon, though    08:42
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paravoid    we've experimented with a ganglia plugin that fetches and graphs those    08:46
paravoid    graphite is better suited to the cause though    08:46
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dmick    I've just pushed the several-weeks-out-of-date-because-of-cuttlefish branch to wip-ceph-cli    08:46
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loicd    thanks    08:47
saras    console type cli    08:47
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paravoid    thanks :)    08:48
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loicd    I assume having a REST API will help with integration. Has there been requests from OpenStack, Cloudstack, people writing salt / ceph / puppet modules ? How do they feel about this change ?    08:49
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winston-d    is google hangout on air?    08:52
dmick    winston-d: yes    08:52
fghaas    winston-d:    08:52
scuttlemonkey    is Christopher Liljenstolpe around?    08:52
scuttlemonkey    want to get you added to the hangout since you're up on the next session in 7 mins    08:53
winston-d    thx, but it's been 'please stand by' for last 40 mins...    08:53
loicd    scuttlemonkey: sent him a mail about two hours ago but got not reply yet    08:53
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winston-d    but maybe that's something wrong on my side    08:53
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scuttlemonkey    winston-d: have you tried    08:54
rturk    loicd: our receptionist just let me know he's in the elevator    08:54
scuttlemonkey    ah!    08:54
loicd    rturk: :-) just in time !    08:54
rturk    yes!!    08:54
chee    winston-d: try a socks proxy    08:55
winston-d    chee: thx, will try that.    08:55
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* loicd parses sjust additions to    08:57
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xiaoxi    I cannot see the ethpad..    08:58
xiaoxi    There is an error    08:58
scuttlemonkey    what error?    08:58
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scuttlemonkey    08:58
sjust    loicd: hi, sorry I didn't get to it sooner    08:59
sjust    cuttlefish :)    08:59
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