-1A - Welcome Introduction and Housekeeping

wido I'm getting: "An error occured, please try later" 08:00
wido anyone else? 08:00
tnt yes, me too. 08:00
rturk I think it may take a second for the feed to start 08:00
loicd wido: on the youtube video ? 08:00
wido loicd: Yes, on that video 08:00
tnt When I take the link on youtube, it seems to work better 08:00
saras yes 08:00
pioto "please stand by. starting soon..." is what i see 08:00
scuttlemonkey ok, we'll be starting momentarily 08:00
*** wwformat has joined #ceph-summit1 08:01
*** xiaoxi has joined #ceph-summit1 08:01
loicd there is a one minute delay ? 08:01
loicd 6 08:01
loicd 5 08:01
loicd 4 08:01
xiaoxi hello 08:01
rturk lol 08:01
loicd 3 08:01
loicd 2 08:01
loicd 1 08:01
scuttlemonkey ok, the live stream should be up 08:01
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xiaoxi still stan by 08:02
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lmb Hey fghaas 08:02
loicd fghaas: \o 08:02
sagewk good morning everyone! 08:02
loicd hi 08:02
lmb Ah, there we go 08:02
ccourtaut up and running 08:02
pioto i now hear things 08:02
ccourtaut for me at last 08:02
fghaas oh look, it's lmb, the guy with the thick hair :P 08:02
ccourtaut nice shirt 08:02
tnt it works :p 08:02
wido I heard something! 08:02
saras their 08:02
jlogan I see the Google+ video now. 08:03
* wido should probably run to the store and buy a headset 08:03
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fghaas scuttlemonkey: you forgot saying something about bringing both turrets on target 08:04
scuttlemonkey hehe 08:04
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nwl scuttlemonkey: can you see how many people are streaming the hangout? 08:07
*** dragonfly has joined #ceph-summit1 08:07
scuttlemonkey nwl: yep, it's currently at 31 08:07
loicd 08:07
fghaas scuttlemonkey: video is fine on youtube, though within g+ it seems that it's still displaying an error 08:07
loicd /topic ;-) 08:08
scuttlemonkey I'm running both 08:08
scuttlemonkey they appear ok for me 08:08
chee got an error on youtube on the vedio: an error occurred, please try again later, is it up and running? 08:08
dragonfly well, it is a little bit slow for videw here in asia 08:09
scuttlemonkey chee: yes it is 08:09
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fghaas chee: 08:09
saras track will be on youtube later right 08:09
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chee thx 08:10
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scuttlemonkey saras: yep 08:10
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loicd ccourtaut: would you be so kind as to be the one taking notes for ? 08:13
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rturk these slides are: 08:13
rturk scuttlemonkey: share on event page? 08:13
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saras scrum 08:15
*** winston-d has joined #ceph-summit1 08:15
scuttlemonkey rturk: yeah, add as a comment 08:15
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ccourtaut loicd, yes, i can take notes for this track 08:16
loicd ccourtaut: thanks ;-) 08:16
loicd Christopher Liljenstolpe are you around ? 08:17
saras any one work with salt 08:17
loicd what does "integration" mean ? 08:17
nwl integration means doing the API work to allow others to integrate with Ceph more easily 08:19
saras we need to get ceph salt stack back end 08:19
* loicd lost communication 08:19
loicd it's back 08:20
pioto there seem to be slides on there, but theyr'e like 2 inches tall... any way to make those larger? 08:20
scuttlemonkey 08:20
rturk pioto: we didn't realize that google hangouts require the speaker to actually control the slides :) 08:21
rturk yay first summit!! :): 08:21
rturk Any questions for Sage? 08:21
tnt I already made the blktap rbd driver (using it on prod now :p) and I'm not working for citrix :p 08:21
saras watch the salt air he does screen share for the slides 08:22
saras salt support 08:23
loicd is suse planning something regarding cephfs for dumpling ? or is their recruiting of a ceph engineer simply to better support cephfs in general 08:23
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mikedawson Any work for small write reordering into larger objects before hitting spinners? 08:24
fghaas loicd's question is actually for lmb, I guess :) 08:24
tnt The rbd blktap stuff is on gitub and posted stuff on the ML. 08:24
nwl loicd: suse are focusing on object/block for their products. we are discussing CephFS probably for next year 08:24
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loicd nwl: ok :-) 08:25
nwl tnt: i spoke to XenServer team last week.. they are aware of your work! 08:25
saras 08:25
wido I/O thorrling now works 08:25
wido my patch got accepted in libvirt 08:25
nwl saras: i'd love to get Salt support 08:25
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scuttlemonkey saras: there is a salt recipe for ceph already 08:26
lmb loicd: The new position we opened for Ceph engineering will include kernel work on rbd/cephfs/...; short-term focus is on block/object, like Neil said 08:26
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tnt nwl: good to know, hopefully they won't reinvent the wheel and just improve it :) 08:26
loicd lmb: got it :) 08:26
tnt RBD qos sound nice. 08:26
saras scuttlemonkey: kool is their any plan for plugin so the salt master can use ceph as data back 08:26
scuttlemonkey saras: I'm not sure of the state of them 08:27
scuttlemonkey still working on getting them to investigate 08:27
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saras scuttlemonkey: thanks 08:28
scuttlemonkey my hope is to get the guy to write a guest blog on how to deploy w/ salt and link to all the relevant doc and recipes 08:28
scuttlemonkey email me (patrick at inktank) if you want me to let you know when it comes in 08:28
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