When running teuthology tests for a given branch (say giant), the ceph-qa-suite branch must match. In the simplest case it is enough to write:

teuthology-suite --suite-branch giant ... --ceph giant ...

When a Ceph pull request (for instance rgw acl response should start with ) needs to be synchronized with a ceph-qa-suite pull request (for instance create a new get_acl helper to ensure proper xml is compared), dedicated branches must be created in the Ceph and ceph-qa-suite repositories. For instance:
teuthology-suite --suite-branch wip-rgw-acl-giant ... --ceph giant-backports ...

Note that it is not possible to specify a branch that is outside of the Ceph or ceph-qa-suite repositories: write access to these repositories is necessary.

For S3 tests an additional repository must be synchronized in a similar way: There must exist a branch with the same name as the branch specified with --suite-branch. For instance the ceph-qa-suite wip-rgw-acl-giant branch must have a s3-test wip-rgw-acl-giant counterpart.