Create a new version

Decide who will drive the point release

There is no formal process. Someone volunteers and discuss it with other members of the team, via e-mail or irc.

Create new task

  • Title release version (for instance firefly v0.80.10)
  • Assign it to the backporter responsible for it
  • Set the Release field to the release (for instance firefly)
  • Set the Target version field to the version (for instance v0.80.10)
  • Set the priority to Urgent for LTS releases and High for Stable releases
  • Update the HOWTO landing page (link to the task and the "Who's who section")

Add a workflow section to the description

The issue is used to figure out at what point of the release workflow it currently is. The development workflow must be copied and edited to reflect the specifics of the version being released (i.e. replacing roles by names of people responsible for a given component at this point in time for instance). Here is an example from firefly v0.80.10

  • Preparing the release
  • Cutting the release
    • Loic asks Sage if a point release should be published
    • Loic gets approval from all leads
      • Yehuda, rgw:
      • Gregory, CephFS:
      • Josh, RBD:
      • Sam, rados:
    • Sage writes and commits the release notes
    • Loic informs Yuri that the branch is ready for testing
    • Yuri runs additional integration tests
    • If Yuri discovers new bugs that need to be backported urgently (i.e. their priority is set to Urgent), the release goes back to being prepared, it was not ready after all
    • Yuri informs Alfredo that the branch is ready for release
    • Alfredo creates the packages and sets the release tag

Add a release information template to the description

This will be used by the person responsible for the publishing the release. Although it is largely redundant with information from the context, it can convenientely be copy pasted and does not require any understanding of the conventions used for backporting. The release manager can publish the release with just this information and nothing else. The commit hash (???) below is in the release branch and has received approval by everyone involved