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Loic Dachary, 03/26/2015 11:49 AM

After the tests successfully run on the integration branch, the backports it contains can be merged (via github so that the pull requests are properly tagged as being merged) into the release branch.

  • for each pull request merged in the integration branch
  • go to the github web interface
  • click on the "Merge button"
  • add the "Reviewed-by:" field to the input box
  • when all issues are merged git log --no-merges giant-backports ^giant must be empty (i.e. the integration branch must have nothing left except diverging merges because all cherry-picked commits are now found in the giant branch).

Since the merge is not from the integration branch, the commit that has been tested won't match the SHA which is inconvenient when trying to figure out if a mistake has been done. The content of the integration branch should be merged with a script instead of manually via the github web interface to avoid mistakes.