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Backporting and the maintenance of a stable release begins when a new stable Ceph release is published. Commits from the master branch are cherry-picked to the stable branch and run through integration and upgrade tests. After a few weeks a point release is published. This repeats until the the stable release is retired. Backporting is focused on fixing bugs and development on the master branch is expected to add new features but both share the same workflow.

Overview of the backports in progress


  • Ceph : Sage Weil
  • rados : Josh Durgin
  • radosgw / rgw : Yehuda Sadeh
  • CephFS / fs : Patrick Donnelly
  • RBD : Jason Dillaman

Note: It may be useful to know the leads of other projects which have a different lifecycle but depend on Ceph.

Who's who

Members of the stable releases team are assigned the following roles as of September, 2017.

Name IRC nick
Abhishek Lekshmanan theanalyst
Yuri Weinstein yuriw
Nathan Cutler smithfarm
  • Mentee: during the course of a release the driver is available to help understand the stable release workflow
  • Driver: responsible for making sure the release is moving forward
  • Backup: helps the driver and replaces her/him when she/he is not available
  • Sage Weil, Patrick Donnelly, Jason Dillaman, Josh Durgin, Yehuda Sadeh: leads


The following describes in detail and in chronological order, the steps to follow for backporting and maintaining stable releases.

Add a new stable release

Add a new point release

Prepare a new point release

  1. HOWTO monitor the automated tests AKA nightlies
  2. HOWTO schedule an issue for backporting
  3. HOWTO document user visible changes
  4. HOWTO backport commits
  5. HOWTO review backport PRs
  6. HOWTO populate the integration branch
  7. HOWTO run integration and upgrade tests
  8. HOWTO forensic analysis of integration and upgrade tests
  9. HOWTO describe a test result
  10. HOWTO merge commits from the integration branch
  11. HOWTO synchronize pull requests from different repositories
  12. HOWTO resolve issues that are Pending Backport
  13. HOWTO get the Ceph lead to decide if it is time for a point release
  14. HOWTO get the leads to sign-off on a release
  15. HOWTO write the release notes
  16. HOWTO keep backporting while the release branch is frozen

Retire a stable release

Release management

Recurring duties expected from backporters

Organize the stable releases and backports team