From 01/21/2018 to 02/19/2018


10:05 PM Bug #22816: TypeError: startswith first arg must be bytes or a tuple of bytes, not str in
As discussed in the ceph-deploy PR, a follow up PR will be open for `remoto` to get the string support by default. Alfredo Deza
10:04 PM Bug #17282 (Closed): ceph_deploy.single_node_test ignores sha1
Alfredo Deza
06:04 PM Bug #13847 (Resolved): detect and use full paths for ceph executables
merged commit 0867360 into ceph:master on Feb 9, 2016 Alfredo Deza
04:11 PM Support #16505 (Closed): New OSD Node Addition failing at the time of disk activation
From the logs it seems you are doing a lot of manual steps like:... Alfredo Deza
04:07 PM Feature #16617 (Resolved): make bluestore work seemlessly with ceph-deploy
Fixed with 1.5.32
Alfredo Deza
03:35 PM Bug #17640 (Need More Info): "ERROR: missing keyring, cannot use cephx for authentication" in cep...
Hey Yuri I don't think this is still an issue, can you confirm please? Alfredo Deza
03:34 PM Bug #15935 (Closed): Actvate OSD fail due to the fsid mismatched
Clusters with mismatched FSID indicates a possible leftover ceph.conf file, or mixing previously deployed nodes with ... Alfredo Deza
03:33 PM Bug #16979: ceph-deploy purge fails with zypper if one package is missing.
I can't find the original PR, Owen linked to the Jenkins job that ran some tests for the PR which is no longer available Alfredo Deza
03:27 PM Bug #16979 (Closed): ceph-deploy purge fails with zypper if one package is missing.
Alfredo Deza
02:56 PM Bug #17874 (Need More Info): mon crash infernalis => jewel 10.2.3 upgrade
Hey Yuri, not sure what we can do here with ceph-deploy ? Can we close this? Alfredo Deza
02:55 PM Bug #17129 (Rejected): ceph-disk unable to activate osd in hammer(0.94.7-152.geb27865)
This was a ceph-disk problem. We no longer use it since version 2.0.0 Alfredo Deza
02:49 PM Bug #19262 (Closed): RuntimeError: connecting to host: cephm resulted in errors: IOError cannot s...
ceph-deploy does have python3 support now, closing this. Feel free to re-open if you can replicate the issue again Alfredo Deza
02:44 PM Bug #18801 (Resolved): ceph-deploy: UnboundLocalError: local variable 'extra_install_flags' refer...
Fixed on 1.5.38
Alfredo Deza
02:43 PM Bug #17533 (Rejected): ceph-deploy can't add monitor when cluster is not ceph
The Ceph project no longer supports custom cluster names.
See discussion at
Alfredo Deza
02:42 PM Bug #17189 (Closed): Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS isn't shipped with Python2.7
ceph-deploy is python3 compatible. This is no longer an issue. Alfredo Deza
02:40 PM Bug #19125: install on debian distros fails if apt-get update was not called before
Alfredo Deza
02:39 PM Bug #17352 (Closed): client.admin key is not created after mon create-intial
Closing this since it is no longer a problem. Feel free to re-open with full logs if it shows up again Alfredo Deza
02:36 PM Support #17586 (Closed): Ubuntu ceph Jewel source, set after ceph-osd and ceph-mon
We can't reproduce this anymore. Feel free to re-open with full logs if the issue comes up again Alfredo Deza
02:34 PM Bug #19642 (Closed): Error adding disk to ceph cluster: journal specified but not allowed by osd ...
Closing as it is not a ceph-deploy issue (see Alfredo Deza
02:32 PM Bug #19855 (Rejected): Latest ceph-deploy tool use default user "ceph" instead of input username ...
When preparing an OSD it is a requirement to use the 'ceph' user for newer versions of Ceph. The ``--username`` flag ... Alfredo Deza
02:30 PM Bug #19908 (Rejected): ceph-deploy doesn't fail when ceph-disk fails
ceph-deploy does fail when ceph-disk commands return a non-zero exit status. The command used to create the OSD was s... Alfredo Deza
02:21 PM Feature #17612 (Resolved): Support oracle linux server
merged commit f39bca3 into master Alfredo Deza
02:20 PM Feature #19266 (Resolved): add the opportunity to specify block.db and block.wal in blustore
This is already possible with version 2.0.0 of ceph-deploy that uses ceph-volume which allows all of these flags to b... Alfredo Deza
02:19 PM Bug #19968 (Need More Info): Fedora 25 - ceph-deploy --overwrite-conf mon create-initial
This looks like a previous deployment failed and it is trying to re-deploy monitors on the same nodes. Can you make s... Alfredo Deza
02:14 PM Documentation #19997 (Won't Fix): ERROR: error creating empty object store in /var/local/osd2: (1...
The newer version of ceph-deploy (2.0.0) no longer uses ceph-disk as a backend to create OSDs, it uses ceph-volume, w... Alfredo Deza


04:39 PM Bug #21677 (Resolved): ceph-deploy autodetects directory as 'ceph' executable
merged commit 3913d12 into master Alfredo Deza
03:11 PM Bug #21677 (Fix Under Review): ceph-deploy autodetects directory as 'ceph' executable
PR open at Alfredo Deza


08:51 PM Bug #18164 (Resolved): platform.linux_distribution() fails on distros with /etc/os-release only
merged commit b057610 into master Alfredo Deza
08:50 PM Support #21291 (Closed): Use a partition of disk to add osd for bluestore
It is not possible to use a single partition to create an osd with ceph-disk. However, with ceph-volume (and since ce... Alfredo Deza
08:44 PM Bug #20540 (Closed): ceph-deploy and ceph-disk should refuse same block device for bluestore WAL ...
Martin, this is somewhat solved now in ceph-volume. However, ceph-volume will not create the wal and db devices for y... Alfredo Deza
08:42 PM Bug #21677: ceph-deploy autodetects directory as 'ceph' executable
that is a highly non-standard place to put directories, the workaround is of course to move that directory out. ceph-... Alfredo Deza
08:40 PM Bug #22244 (Rejected): NDB disk fails to be initialized
You can't pass a partition in this way because ceph-disk is trying to create partitions on it to collocate the journa... Alfredo Deza
08:37 PM Bug #20310 (Rejected): Cannot create initital monitor
Alfredo Deza
08:36 PM Bug #20310: Cannot create initital monitor
You cannot create an additional monitor with `mon create-initial` which is only meant to be used for the initial crea... Alfredo Deza
08:34 PM Bug #22348 (Closed): mon rebuild failed on 12.2.2
Alfredo Deza
08:33 PM Bug #22871 (Resolved): ceph-deploy disk zap subcommand needs debug argument
merged commit 42a8fde into master
Alfredo Deza
08:32 PM Bug #22712 (Resolved): mgr fails on missing directory
merged commit 3f2be1d into master Alfredo Deza
08:31 PM Bug #22725 (Rejected): osd create doesn't work with Ceph jewel
You would need to use ceph-deploy version 1.5.39
As the changelog indicates, 2.0.0 had a non-backwards compatible ...
Alfredo Deza


10:43 PM Bug #22463: "zap command needs both HOSTNAME and DISK but got "None vpm099:vdb"" in ceph-deploy-l...
Also needs openstack entry:
Vasu Kulkarni
01:47 PM Bug #22871 (Resolved): ceph-deploy disk zap subcommand needs debug argument
It looks like ceph-deploy disk zap is expecting a debug argument in args but none seems to have been supplied in the ... Ryan Leimenstoll


02:52 PM Feature #7505: Support Archlinux
PR: HacKan CuBa
02:51 PM Bug #22816: TypeError: startswith first arg must be bytes or a tuple of bytes, not str in
PR: HacKan CuBa
02:46 PM Bug #22816 (Resolved): TypeError: startswith first arg must be bytes or a tuple of bytes, not str...
Target Version: 2.0.0
Python Version: 3.6.4
remoto lib version: 0.0.29
When running @ceph-deploy disk list <host...
HacKan CuBa


01:25 AM Feature #7505: Support Archlinux
Hello! with a friend, we wrote support for Archlinux in ceph-deploy release 2.0.0
I'm going to use this ticket for r...
HacKan CuBa


05:46 PM Bug #21161 (Won't Fix): ceph-eploy randomly times out
We've seen this with a combination of:
* Older python versions (2.6, and even some in 2.7)
* Older versions of ce...
Alfredo Deza
04:55 PM Feature #19301 (Resolved): add Virtuozzo Linux support to the ceph-deploy
Released as part of 1.5.38
Alfredo Deza
04:54 PM Bug #19992 (Resolved): [mita] add python3 label to nodes
This has been fixed for a while now Alfredo Deza
03:19 PM Bug #9122 (Closed): ceph-deploy: disk list throws an exception
it's been a while since we've last seen these. We also added a newer execnet version (the backend library to connect ... Alfredo Deza
03:02 PM Feature #22118 (Resolved): ceph-volume support for bluestore non-encrypted OSDs
Merged and released as part of ceph-deploy 2.0.0 Alfredo Deza
02:45 PM Bug #19850 (Resolved): new 1.5.38 release
Released on 2017-05-19 Alfredo Deza
01:41 PM Bug #22315 (Resolved): release ceph-deploy 2.0.0
2.0.0 was released 2018-01-16 Alfredo Deza

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