Tasks #20392

Updated by Nathan Cutler about 2 years ago

The task has been living in the teuthology git repo since the task was first created. This means there is only a single codestream for - the same version must be used for testing all versions of Ceph.

The ceph/swift.git repo contains tests that exercise RGW's swift functionality. The task clones ceph/swift.git to the testing machine and runs the tests. Until now, these tests succeeded on all versions of Ceph.

Recently some tests were added to ceph/swift.git that succeed only on Ceph master. This caused a number of tests - mainly in the rgw suite, but also at least one (probably more) in other suites - to fail in jewel, and presumably on the other Ceph stable versions as well.

A "ceph-jewel" branch was created in ceph/swift.git to drop the non-compatible tests. However, as long as the task lives in the teuthology repo, there is no way to have multiple versions of it (since teuthology has only a single codestream).

Original discussion here: To address this, we will need to move from teuthology to ceph.