Bug #18384

Updated by Nathan Cutler about 6 years ago

s3tests task fails due to missing branch name (consequence of the recent migration of ceph-qa-suite.git into ceph.git)

2017-01-02T17:22:23.402 INFO:teuthology.run_tasks:Running task s3tests...
2017-01-02T17:22:23.449 DEBUG:tasks.s3tests:s3tests config is {'client.0': {'rgw_server': 'client.0', 'slow_backend': True}}
2017-01-02T17:22:23.451 INFO:tasks.s3tests:Downloading s3-tests...
2017-01-02T17:22:23.453 INFO:tasks.s3tests:Using branch 'wip-hammer-backports' for s3tests
2017-01-02T17:22:23.455 'git clone -b wip-hammer-backports git:// /home/ubuntu/cephtest/s3-tests'
2017-01-02T17:22:23.463 into '/home/ubuntu/cephtest/s3-tests'...
2017-01-02T17:22:23.514 Remote branch wip-hammer-backports not found in upstream origin

This was fixed in master by 21160124028ab123b5c547499d911b0a1397214f which adds "force-branch: ceph-master" to the s3tests yaml facets. This forces the s3tests task to use the given branch of ceph/s3-tests.git.

We need "force-branch: ceph-kraken", "force-branch: ceph-jewel", and "force-branch: hammer" for kraken, jewel, and hammer, respectively.