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h3. Workflow

* "Preparing the release":
* "Cutting the release":
** Loic D. asks Abhishek L. if a point release should be published *SKIP*
** Loic D. gets approval from all leads
*** Yehuda, rgw *SKIP*
*** John, CephFS *SKIP*
*** Jason, RBD *SKIP*
*** Sam, rados *OK*
** Loic D. writes and commits the release notes
** Loic D. informs Yuri that the branch is ready for testing *SKIP*
** Yuri runs additional integration tests *SKIP*
** If Yuri discovers new bugs that need to be backported urgently (i.e. their priority is set to *Urgent*), the release goes back to being prepared, it was not ready after all *SKIP*
** Loic D. informs Alfredo that the branch is ready for release
** Alfredo creates the packages and sets the release tag

h3. Release information

** branch to build from: jewel, commit: TBD
** version: v10.2.5 v10.2.6
** type of release: point release
** where to publish the release: and